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SPAT 2014

First Round of SPAT will be held in schools from 1 Oct’ 2013 to 31 Oct’ 2013. It will consist of three events only - 30 m flying race, 6x10 shuttle Run & Standing Broad Jump. The SPAT Test in the first round shall be conducted by the concerned school and the result of those scoring over 75% will be submitted to DSO’s through the Block Education Officer in form-B along with the detail in form-A. The Head of the Institution must form a committee under his/her chairmanship for the smooth conduct of test.
(i) The Principal should ensure the 100% participation of their respective school.
(ii) If a school does not have a PTI, then contact concerned DSO to avail the services of a PTI to conduct SPAT in the school.
(iii) Regular inspection will be carried out by department's staff and authorities to ensure best practices and fair conduct of SPAT in schools.
(iv) Schools are directed to provide valid date of birth proofs and photographs of First Round qualifiers to the students as well as Round 2 organizing committee of their district. Failure to provide this proof will eliminate the student from Second Round.

Round II of SPAT will be held from 1 Dec’ 2013 to 20 Dec’ 2013. In this leg, only 6 tests of SPAT - 30m Flying, 6 x 10m Shuttle Run, Forward Bend and Reach, Standing Broad Jump, Medicine Ball and 800m race - will be administered. The second round test will be conducted by the District Sports & Youth Affairs Officer at every block level stadium and the test report shall be submitted to the Directorate by the District Sports & youth Affairs Officer. They will also send the test schedule to the directorate in advance. The District Sports & Youth Affairs Officers will be assisted by the physical education teacher for the smooth conduct of the SPAT -2014.
Please go through "Important Notice for Schools/PTI/DSO for conducting SPAT 2014 (in Hindi)" for more details.

Final Round of SPAT will be held from 28 Jan’ 2014 to 10 Feb’ 2014. In this leg, again all 7 tests of SPAT - 30m Flying, 6 x 10m Shuttle Run, Forward Bend and Reach, Standing Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, Medicine Ball and 800m race - will be administered. The third round of the SPAT will be conducted by the Department at District Head Quarter.

Note ‐

(1) After the third and final round of SPAT, a counseling session will be organized by the Department at every district, so the qualifiers can be allotted game and training center according to their interest, capability and natural talent.

(2) During this counseling session, age proof certificates etc. of the qualifiers will be checked and medical verification will also be carried out, if necessary.

(3) Qualifier will be disqualified if he or she will be unable to produce valid and genuine proof of date of birth.

(4) Therefore, District Sports Officers and Technical Officers/ Officials are directed to strictly check the proof of date of birth of participant during Second Round of SPAT‐2013. After that no appeal will be entertained.

(5) If the participants have any quarries regarding their results, they may apply to the competent authority with in the 7 days of declaration of the results, after that no appeal/request will be entertain by the authority.

(6) All the forms/ reports should be filled with BLACK INK/Ball Pen only.

What is SPAT?

SPAT stands for Sports & Physical Aptitude Test. It a battery of seven tests that reliably measures one's athletic potential in terms of agility, flexibility endurance and strength. There are 7 tests - 800 meter run, 30 meter race, 6x10 shuttle run, medicine ball throw, forward bend and reach, vertical high jump and standing broad jump. Scoring is age and gender responsive.

Why you must take SPAT if you are in the age group of 8-19 years?

You come to know how good you are athletically. If you score above 75%, you can realistically aspire for a career in sports. In 75-60% slab, you can still use your will power and get to 75%+ level by regular practice. In 60-45%, you need to hit the road now, you are hurting yourself with a sedate lifestyle. Below 45%, you are high-risk for a lifestyle disease; time to act is now.

What you stand to get for scoring above 75% and being among first 5000 in SPAT?

If you score 75%+ and are among first 5000, you will get a monthly scholarship delivered directly to your account @ Rs. 1500 for 8-14 years age group and Rs. 2000 for 15-19 years for a year along with coaching and opportunity to play in grass root tournaments whereby you can graduate to higher level on strength of your performance.

How will you receive the scholarship?

Under government's 'direct to athlete' approach, scholarship amount will be credited to your accounts directly. Process for delivering scholarship through EZ Paycard is on; the amount will be loaded to your paycard the moment your 22-days attendance in the playground is confirmed by your coach/trainer.

What are you expected do with the scholarship money?

Use is to meet your sports-related needs. For example, you may buy sports kit or pay for sports-related travel. Where you are in good numbers, you can organize yourself into team, pool your money and do things like hire a coach.

How a SPAT score is as important as a school grade?

It helps you in making right choices. If you score high, you can realistically aspire for a career in sports. If your score is in on lower side, you can help yourself with better diets and greater physical activities.

What precisely the government intends to achieve?

Increased participation in sports, particularly in schools. Idea is to raise health standards through higher physical activity, deliver social cohesion through increased interactions among different groups in a friendly setting, help build a culture of innovation, commitment and competitiveness through sports and put readjustment demand on the economy to create sufficient career opportunities around athletic aptitude.

How sports is as good a career option as higher education?

With the government's performance-linked Job Guarantee & Cash Award schemes, career in sports is now as assured as in Higher education.

How playing helps you, India?

Excellence in sports brings you benefits of sports quota in government jobs and college admissions. It enhances your job prospects in high-end private companies and admissions in good universities round the world. Private companies like Yahoo & Googles treat sports as key personality differentiator while manning their leadership positions. Commitment and competitiveness learnt in playgrounds will bring innovation in workplaces and help India in moving up the economic value chain.

What to do if you are not from Haryana?

You can still apply. A large number of you can prompt the governments to implement similar programs in your state. Introducing a certain number of scholarships for top-end performers at SPAT, even if you are not from Haryana, is under government's active consideration.

So, what to do now?

Be a part of ‘Play For India’ campaign. And log on to facebook.com/play4india to show your solidarity for 'play4india' campaign if you are anyone - student, player, teacher, parents, community leader, government officials, corporate employees, volunteer or a concerned citizens. A popular sports culture is need of the hour; just show that you care for sports.


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