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  • What is 'play4india'?

  • It is Haryana Government's sports promotion program. It is about popularizing sports, idenifying high potential athletes and developing them into top players. It covers all sports. 

  • What is SPAT?

  • Sports & Physical Aptitude Test is a battery of 7 tests - vertical jump, standing broad jump, forward bend & reach, ball throw, 6x10 meter shuttle run, 30 meter flying race & 800 meter race. Each test carries 3 marks. Scoring is age and gender sensitive. SPAT score provides an objective basis for assessing one's level of fitness and suitability for a game.

  • How is SPAT helpful?

  • SPAT score is kind of running commentary on one's anatomical strength. Those scoring over 75% is thought to be good enough to pursue a successful career in sports. Differential analysis of the score helps in assessing one's suitability for a game.

  • How SPAT can help in reducing drop-out rates in school?

  • It helps athletically-inclined students in doing things they like doing and at the same time earn higher peer and teacher approval. This combination of factors makes schools an attractive destination for them.

  • How low drop-out from schools is helpful ?

  • A lengthier education reduces crime by raising people's future earning power from legitimate work, making a criminal career less attractive. School keeps would be criminals in touch with the right sort of peers and social attitude. One year of extra schooling, research shows, reduces property crime by 1-2% and that the cost of extra schooling is outweighed by the benefits of reduced crime. Another research shows that the biggest benefit from extra education is fewer violent crimes.

  • What if SPAT score is low?

  • Teachers and parents need to take urgent note if the score is below 50%. It shows a low fitness level. Medical check-up, physically active lifestyle and balanced diet are urgently required.

  • How to appear at SPAT 2012 if you are a student of a school in Haryana?

  • If you are a student in a school in Haryana, Apply Onlineand collect your unique SPAT Id. Your school is organizing first round of the SPAT during Sports Week from 8 Nov, 2011 onwards. Get in touch with your physical education teacher. In case of any problem, contact District Sports Officers.
    Alternately you can follow the Director, Sports himself on the following Social Networking platforms.

  • How to appear at SPAT if you are from Haryana but not a student in any school in the state?

  • Apply Online by ticking on the box that you are studying in a school outside Haryana. Sports department will be organizing your first round directly at a convenient location. The dates for the test will be announced and updated on the website. You are thus requested to follow the website regularly.

  • What is the format of SPAT, 2012?

  • It is being organized in two rounds. Schools will organize the first round. In this round, three tests - 6X10 m shuttle run, standing broad jump & 30 meter flying race - will be administered. Those scoring over 75% will qualify for the second round to be organized by the sports department. In the second round, all 7 tests of SPAT will be administered.

  • [ For PTI/DPE of schools ]  How to Conduct SPAT Round I?

  • 1. Download Test kit from the website and go through instruction manual & brochure carefully.
    2. Register the eligible candidates Online and get their SPAT IDs. In Registration form following field are
        a.) Name
        b.) Father's Name
        c.) Valid Date of Birth
        d.) Gender
        e.) District
    3. Download Test Sheet and fill personal details of the candidate’s along with SPAT IDs.
    4. Conduct  three tests - 6X10 m shuttle run, standing broad jump & 30 meter flying race - and record
        the score on Test Sheet.
    5. Identify the candidates who have scored above 75%, fill their details in Qualifiers Sheet and submit it to
        the District Sports Officers (DSOs)  of your district.
    6. Watch out for the schedule and venue for the Round II on this website.

  • What is 'qualifying SPAT'?

  • Top 5000 spat scorers with minimum of 75% in full-SPAT in final rounds will qualify for award of scholarships. 

  • What will one get on qualifying SPAT?

  • Qualifiers in 8-14 years will get Rs. 1500 a month; those in 15-19 years will get Rs. 2000 a month. It will be for the financial year 2012-13. They will get training in nearby day boarding/residential nurseries in games of their choice. They will also get opportunities to play in grass-root tournaments and can graduate to higher levels on the strength of their performance.

  • How does government views sports?

  • Government sees sports as key to inclusive governance. Sports create space in the mainstream for athletically-endowed citizens and keep them away from maladaptive behavior. A physically active population means reduced demand on health and counter-crime infrastructure.

  • How does government support players?

  • Government has created a three-tier support system for talented athletes to help them in actualizing their potential. SPAT fast-tracks them into competitive circuit and builds cost bearing capacity in them. Nursery, academies and tournaments help them in developing game skills. A robust incentive architecture in the form of high-rank jobs in government and prize money in millions of rupees upgrades winners of top tournaments in big league overnight.

  • What are the future plans?

  • Sporting excellence lifts up people's spirit like nothing else. Government is keen to raise the state's sporting standards by promoting mass participation. A network of stadiums and playgrounds are being developed. More academies are in the pipeline. Four Multi-sports Divisional Talent Development Centers are being developed in commercialized sports with forward linkage in coaching and completion with foreign clubs. The idea is to develop Haryana into a hub of world class athletes who can play and perform in competitions around the world.

  • Why the state need to promote sports in a big way?

  • There exists complex relation between crime and economy, the age of population, imprisonment, police work and neighborhood culture and gang activity. It has been found that crime goes up when population gets younger, and when drug abuse becomes more common. Murder rates are profoundly influenced by gang activity. Haryana is a youthful state. A strong pitch on sports can help the government in keeping vulnerable young boys and girls in school and away from disruptive behavior.

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